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Why everyone loves Siargao Island?

SIARGAO ISLAND. Are you curious why people are raving to visit Siargao Island?

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Based on my interactions with everyone who’ve been there or know Siargao Island, I find it safe to say that almost everyone TRULY loves the island. I’ve been to Siargao twice already and I still wanted to go back there or even try living there for a few months. In fact, I recently booked another trip (again for this year) going to the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. To add, I met a friend who has been visiting the island for the seventh time and counting. So, without further ado, let’s dig into why people (including me and my friend) love Siargao Island, and why you’ll love it, too!

Siargao Island to most people

Surfers all over the world say Siargao is the best surfing site in the Philippines. World backpackers find the island full of tropical gems and fun. Travel influencers always emphasize the beauty and the vibe the island has to offer from its tropical lush, tons of coconut trees, breathtaking surfing waves to its tan-perfect sunlight.

Why you’ll fall in love with Siargao?

Aside from sharing my personal take about Siargao Island, I also wanted to get different perspectives and views so I can be more confident to say that people (you included) WOULD SURELY LOVE the island, too. So, I’ve reached out to several of my friends and other travel junkies who fell in love with the island and asked them “why they love” and “what they like most” of one of Asia’s heartthrob resort destinations—Siargao Island. Ready? Read on, baby!

sunbathing at Jacking Horse, Siargao

Travellers love Siargao’s natural gems

“Siargao. It’s so much more than surfers’ paradise. It should be everyone’s paradise, especially the small towns. [They] are beautiful and have so much to offer. Explore Siargao.”

Jay // Netherlands

“Perfect place to escape from city life.”

Jarlan // Cebu, Philippines

“I really love the vibe, the kind of this surfer thing. There’s a lot of tourists, but depending where you are, you can [still] find places with fewer tourists. The island is beautiful and there’s quite a lot to do.”

Rafael // Germany/Brazil

Sunbathing at Ocean 101, Siargao Island
Magpupungko Rock Pool
Magpupungko Rock Pool

“I love Siargao because of its natural and laidback vibe! Plus, who doesn’t love lounging around, walking and biking everywhere casually wearing just a bikini? ?”

Hannah // Cebu, Philippines

“Yes, I do love Siargao! Best place in the world. ???”

Iver // Norway

Some travellers love the people and bonds they’ve found in Siargao

“Apart from being naturally one of the most picturesque islands I’ve ever set foot on, Siargao’s beauty is even further defined by its people—ever so welcoming and always wearing a smile. I’ll never forget when a young boy chose [to] spend his afternoon helping me become a better surfer. He didn’t ask for anything in return and was more excited than I was when I could finally successfully ride the waves.”

Matt // Canada

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“Why I love Siargao? To be honest, I find it hard to express why I love Siargao. There are no exact words I could use to specify the reasons why I keep on coming back to this island. This island is not just a holiday place for me. It is my second home. My comfort zone. My safe haven.”

Jess // Manila, Philippines

“I like it (Siargao Island) because of all the people I met during my 20 days there. And the beautiful nature of course with all the beautiful palm trees wherever you go. ? It rained 90% of my time there but I didn’t care because everyone was so amazing to be around.”

Sandra // Sweden

Christmas in Siargao with strangers turned into family
Spent Christmas with these amazing travel junkies I now call family.

Lessons learned in Siargao Island

I met an amazing English friend at the hostel where I stayed, and she shared a couple of lessons she learned in Siargao Island.

“I love Siargao because of its beauty in both nature and the people living there. When I got a flat tyre once, an old man came running across the street and helped me push my bike to the nearest vulcanizing shop where the lads there fixed my bike and charged me the same as a local compared to other parts of Asia where they’re always trying to rip off westerners.

I have also come to adapt to the slower way of living here [in Siargao]. In Europe, everything is so fast-paced. Sitting in a restaurant sometimes you feel like you’re being rushed through dinner to get the next people sat down. And at work, everyone is full speed ahead to meet deadlines and targets that are borderline impossible. I came here, and everyone does things in their own time, and I’ve learned that when you slow down a bit, you have more time for making friends and seeing the things around you.”

Jess // England, United Kingdom

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No one wants to leave Siargao Island

When I was bidding goodbye to my hostel friends, I told them that I don’t want to leave yet and how I wish my flight going back home will get canceled. I was in awe of when one of them responded, and found myself agreeing with her.

“Everyone doesn’t want to leave Siargao. There’s something so magical with the island.”

Cami // Canada

Met someone who doesn’t love Siargao

And since transparency is one of my blogging religions, I’d be honest to report that I also met a friend there who doesn’t like Siargao AT ALL. He said,

“Hey Jian, I’m gonna be really straightforward and [his nationality] with this one. ? I didn’t love Siargao. While the island has absolutely stunning nature, I think it was quite crowded around the south coast, and I didn’t like the way they handled the tourism there. The surfing spots also didn’t live up to the expectations. Way too many people in the water and the waves weren’t great ? Still had a good time there but it wasn’t my favorite island in the Philippines or in SEA in general. :)”

He surely said “stunning nature.” So, that’s a check there. But for his experience on the island, I’d say maybe he had a bad timing during his trip. Maybe he missed going out to a lot of less touristy areas of the island which were mentioned by others I’ve spoken with. Also, I’ve covered those less touristy spots in my Siargao travel guide. Nothing to worry, babe.

And as for the waves, I bet he must have seen the not-so-good waves (or didn’t look around) during his trip because Siargao Island won’t be called the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” and won’t be the host of a lot of international surfing competitions for no good reason.

Anyhow, it was his fair take and I respect his opinion.

Another traveller re-validated that Siargao Island is one of a kind

“I love Siargao because it’s a place where you have everything you need. You can surf; there are nice spots, and [has] a really good nightlife. If you prefer to relax, you can find many untouched spots [where there’s] literally no one around, you can easily connect with nature. Local people are so nice and happy to have you on their island. Also, all the travellers that I met were always ready to give their smiles and share good vibes. It’s probably the best place in [the] Philippines.”

Huny // Italy

A socio-economic traveller loves Siargao, too!

Before we wrap up this “Why Siargao?” discussion, I’d also like to add a response I got from a socio-economic traveller, and he shared about the sustainability of the island.

“[Siargao is] completely different from Boracay. [It has a] totally different vibe and much more like Bali. [It] seems more sophisticated and classy than any other destination in the Philippines. I must say that so far, it’s being developed with much more sensitivity. No high rise buildings, and natural materials [are] being used substantially in buildings.”

Anonymous European traveller

Why I love Siargao Island

As for me, I love Siargao Island because I am me and I feel so alive there. I can fully feel my mood, and my thoughts are purest when I’m on the Island. I’m not really sure why, but maybe because of this “special vibe” that you can feel in Siargao Island.

Maybe it’s because of the welcoming locals, friendly tourists, and bonds I’ve found there (I spent the holidays there last year and I’ve found a family who used to be strangers). Or maybe because of its laidback “countryside” feels I had may it be when I’m making my way to the beach or hopping on a friend’s bike and going to remote destinations. It could be because I love chilling and sunbathing by the shore with like-minded travellers, and it’s like I’m living my best life. Or maybe the island is also a place for foodies, or even for mindful and intrepid travellers.

But one thing I’m only certain: I’d be always coming back to Siargao because the island took my heart away in its little unknown way.

While most people hail Siargao Island as the surfing capital of the Philippines, I find it the hippest and the happiest island destination in the country. Click To Tweet

Whatever it might be that makes Siargao so special, I’d say, don’t just take anyone’s words or my word why you should visit the island soon. Go ahead and book a trip to Siargao, and check it out by yourself. I bet it would be one of your life-changing travels.

Then, when you’re ready, proceed to my Siargao travel guide, and start ironing out that vacay.

TL;DR: Visit Siargao soon.

Till next time, my friends!

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Why everyone loves Siargao?
Why everyone loves Siargao?


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