The Complete Siargao Travel Guide: From Stay to Party Deets

Siargao travel guide

If you’re currently reading this Siargao travel guide, there’s a good chance you want to tick off that little island from your bucket list, or curious why people love it so much. If you haven’t already, read my other blog post first and spice up that Siargao dreams: Why everyone loves Siargao Island and why you’ll SURELY love it, too! But if you’ve already read that prior blog post or very eager to hop onto planning that Siargao trip, read on, baby! Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which give no additional cost to you. Instead, I’m …

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Siargao Island: Why everyone loves the island and why you’ll surely love it, too! |

Why everyone loves Siargao Island?

SIARGAO ISLAND. Are you curious why people are raving to visit Siargao Island? Based on my interactions with everyone who’ve been there or know Siargao Island, I find it safe to say that almost everyone TRULY loves the island. I’ve been to Siargao twice already and I still wanted to go back there or even try living there for a few months. In fact, I recently booked another trip (again for this year) going to the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. To add, I met a friend who has been visiting the island for the seventh time and counting. So, …

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