Moalboal, Cebu: To Go or Not to Go? + Travel Guide |

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MOALBOAL, CEBU. What do you want to know about Moalboal? Do you want me to sugarcoat and invite you to go there? Or should I spill the tea and have you decide from there? But you know, wise travelers are honest people. So, here ya go! Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which give no additional cost to you. Instead, I’m sharing with you a few discounted rates to help you save and in return, to help me make a little money so I can continue blogging for you, awesome travelers. Moalboal has been a recommendation by …

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LOW-COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park |

LOW-COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park | Go Travel Wisely

The relaxing sound of the chirping birds, the soothing sea breeze, the inviting smell of the sea, the Instagram-worthy and picturesque landscapes, and the clear and starry, starry night sky along the white-sand shoreline would surely make you plan for an overnight beach camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park. Camping would never be out of style at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park. Beach Camping in Olango, Lapu-Lapu City Little did we know that the humble Asinan Eco-Tourism Park was once a frequently visited tourist attraction a few years ago as Island Eco-Tourism Park. The beach park’s tourism got devastated after it experienced natural havoc. …

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Philosophia Library Café: Good Treats, Good Reads

Mind you, Philosophia Library Café might get you back to the basic “read and learn” mood. But wait, on a certainly different level. MANDUE CITY, CEBU. History, arts and cultures are just a few of the topics that spark my interest. I even skip snacks or meals at times when the reading is getting deeper; I hate cutting the thrill just to look for food or even a glass of drinks. But it seems that I can now tweak that part of my reality because of Philosophia Library Café. As I usually tell my friends, “Things have changed.” Often times, …

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Aysken d’Han: Who Says Ice Cream Isn’t Healthy? |

Aysken d’Han: Who Says Ice Cream Isn’t Healthy? | Go Travel Wisely

 “Bye-bye calorie and fat anxiety!” LAPU-LAPU CITY, CEBU. To most of the health conscious people and to those who are on a strict diet, ice cream is one of the irresistible sweet tooth temptations. Do we feel the same guilt on this? Well, you aren’t alone, man! Commonly, ice cream is manufactured out of dairy products, sugar and some colors and flavors, which are usually artificial and laboratory-made. These ingredients are the reasons why our dietitians and doctors advise us not to consume a cup or two of ice cream on a regular basis. I feel you. I’m an ice …

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