Philosophia Library Café: Good Treats, Good Reads

Mind you, Philosophia Library Café might get you back to the basic “read and learn” mood. But wait, on a certainly different level. MANDUE CITY, CEBU. History, arts and cultures are just a few of the topics that spark my interest. I even skip snacks or meals at times when the reading is getting deeper; I hate cutting the thrill just to look for food or even a glass of drinks. But it seems that I can now tweak that part of my reality because of Philosophia Library Café. As I usually tell my friends, “Things have changed.” Often times, …

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Aysken d’Han: Who Says Ice Cream Isn’t Healthy? |

Aysken d’Han: Who Says Ice Cream Isn’t Healthy? | Go Travel Wisely

 “Bye-bye calorie and fat anxiety!” LAPU-LAPU CITY, CEBU. To most of the health conscious people and to those who are on a strict diet, ice cream is one of the irresistible sweet tooth temptations. Do we feel the same guilt on this? Well, you aren’t alone, man! Commonly, ice cream is manufactured out of dairy products, sugar and some colors and flavors, which are usually artificial and laboratory-made. These ingredients are the reasons why our dietitians and doctors advise us not to consume a cup or two of ice cream on a regular basis. I feel you. I’m an ice …

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TIEZA Botanical Garden: Cebu’s Flower Garden by the Lake |

TIEZA Botanical Garden: Cebu’s Flower Garden by the Lake | Go Travel Wisely

Like a flower, like a garden, everything takes time. Seize the moment. Enjoy as you grow and bloom. Flower Garden by the Lake CEBU CITY. Cebu is continuously catching the netizens’ attention as a lot of scenic gardens, points of interest, and other romantic destinations pop-up like wild mushrooms. Yes, that truly means that you’ll need to allocate some more hours in your Cebu itinerary. Among a number of them, TIEZA Botanical Garden tops my go-to list. While a lot of visitors (or travelers) get confused about the gardens due to their similar themes and flower colors, this one gets …

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10,000 Roses Café: Cordova’s Newest Destination |

  The 10,000 roses that illuminate the picture-perfect scenery located just a few meters away from the mangrove reserve of Cordova, Cebu.   [instagram url=] CORDOVA, CEBU. Who would have thought that your dreamt romantic Korea feels can now be experienced here in Cebu? No one? Neither have I. In a small town of Cordova, a newly opened café captivates the hearts of the netizens. Upon going through a lot of social media posts, I planned a trip with my siblings and friends to experience the adorable place first hand. After a few rides, we arrived at the famous destination …

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