LOW-COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park | GoTravelWisely.com

LOW-COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park | Go Travel Wisely

The relaxing sound of the chirping birds, the soothing sea breeze, the inviting smell of the sea, the Instagram-worthy and picturesque landscapes, and the clear and starry, starry night sky along the white-sand shoreline would surely make you plan for an overnight beach camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park.

Camping would never be out of style at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park.

Beach Camping in Olango, Lapu-Lapu City

Little did we know that the humble Asinan Eco-Tourism Park was once a frequently visited tourist attraction a few years ago as Island Eco-Tourism Park.

The beach park’s tourism got devastated after it experienced natural havoc. The bamboo bridge that was connecting the little island [of Island Eco-Tourism Park] to the mainland Olango Island was wiped out by a whirlwind during the wrath of bad weather.

Just recently, a joint effort of the locals, local government unit, and Lapu-Lapu City government made the park open to the public again as Asinan Eco-Tourism Park after some rehabilitation.

Asinan Eco-Tourism Park

LOW COST Beach Camping ??at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park, Olango Island, Lapu Lapu City.Entrance fee: Php15Tent rental…

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Their function hall and aquarium area. ??••••••••••LOW COST Beach Camping ??at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park, Olango…

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Restrooms at Asinan Eco-Tourism ParkGo | Go Travel Wisely
They’ve got you a good number of washrooms. You know. Your convenience matters. | GoTravelWisely.com

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Are you planning to go on camping with your friends or family? I’ve listed the topmost helpful hacks and tips that you need to know prior to going to the camping site.

How to Get There?

Easy. Head to Lapu-Lapu City and get a pump boat ride to Olango Island. Take a motorbike or tricycle ride to Asinan Eco-Tourism Park. Tada! Then, you’ll be ready for your beach-side camping. Yeah, I know; you want more details. So, feel free to read on.

a. Head to Lapu-Lapu City:

• There are two or three ports that you can choose from. However, I recommend going to the one which is just beside Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu. It’s much more accessible.
• What’s the recommended transportation mode?

o Take a multicab (or PUJ) ride from Mandaue City to Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City.
o For ride-sharing facilities like Grab or Uber, you can key in the suggested hotel name, and let the driver know that the port is just beside the hotel.

b. Olango Island:

• Choose the Olango Island destination, and NOT any other else.
Ticket fee costs Php15 per person for a pump boat ride. But you can also opt to take the barge ride which you need to inquire the fare at the ticketing booth.
Terminal fee is Php5 per person.

o If you’re planning to bring your wheels to Olango Island, I recommend making some arrangements with the port and with the carrier in advance.
o I also suggest contacting the camping site’s contact person (will be mentioned below) if they have some parking spaces.

c. To the park:

• The tricycle fare only costs Php20 per person, or Php120 if you want to hire the entire tricycle for a solo trip.
• You also have the option to take a habal-habal (motorbike) ride which costs between Php25 to Php30.


Asinan Eco-Tourism Park is located in Sitio Sabang, Barangay Asinan, Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City. Don’t worry; you can always seek some help from the locals if you feel lost.

GoTravelWisely Tips:

Important things to check out before going to Asinan Eco-Tourism Park:

Weather forecast – Everyone wants to have a less worrisome boat ride and beach camping—I bet.
Tide forecast – Asinan Eco-Tourism Park is surrounded by a mangrove reserve. And it’s always much better to go on swimming if it’s high tide, again, especially if you’re in a nearby mangrove area.

Important Reminders:

• The area is a protected marine and wildlife sanctuary. Please observe the following:

o Be a responsible tourist. Leave no trace. Keep the place clean and orderly.
o No bonfire or open fire cooking. Forget about the s’mores and bonfire chitchats. But you can certainly switch on your portable lamps, and chill with your friends while stargazing under Asinan’s clear night sky.
o Don’t be noisy.
o No catching or killing of plants and animals.

Additional Tips:

Find cheap rides, especially for the tricycle or motorbike rides.
Bring easy to prepare food.
Bring trash bags.
Bring some mats or sleeping bags if you intend to stay overnight.
• It’s an outdoor activity. It’s always best to get some insect and mosquito repellents. (Bite Block Naturals is my favorite insect reppellent brand. Their repellents come in lotion, spray and stick-on patch. You can order a pack of them HERE!)
• Of course, get your sun screen lotion always ready, too! I personally love Nivea SUN Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist for 2 reasons:

2-n-1 bottle: It protects you from the scorching heat of the sun, and it also gives off a pleasurable cooling effect on your skin.
Easy to apply: It comes in spray form so you can easily and conveniently apply it before jumping off to the waters. Like what I did, you can also buy a few bottles with great discounts through this LINK.

Expense Summary:

Php15 – Punta Engaño Port to Olango Island
Php5 – Terminal Fee
Php30 – Olango Island Port to Asinan Eco-Tourism Park
Php20 – Entrance Fee (updated: September 29, 2018)
Php100 – Tent or table rental fee (You can rent both and pay their respective fees. You can also divide the amount if you’re with your friends or family.)
Php30 – Asinan Eco-Tourism Park to Olango Island Port
Php15 – Olango Island Port to Punta Engaño Port
Php1 – Terminal Fee
Php211 – Estimated total transportation expenses (can still be lesser if you’re going to share the table or tent rental fee with your buddies)

Food Expense?

It’s freestyle, bruh! LOL—You can bring your own food, or shop some bites and drinks in the neighboring market. If you need some cooking help, the local women group would be very glad to lend some hands. Cool, isn’t it?

Lastly, plan your beach camping well, and enjoy with your friends and/or family. In some circumstances, plans become like dull sketches and drawings if no one will lead the pack. I challenge you to put some colors on your drawings!  

If you find this guide helpful, or if you have any questions, head to the comment section below, and let’s talk!

Relax and treat yourself at times,

Asinan Eco-Tourism Park
Sabang, Asinan, Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City
Contact Person: Jimmy Glomar0919-218-7920


  1. Shiela says:

    Is this the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary?

    1. OneCarlos says:

      Hi Shiela,

      Asinan Eco-Tourism Park is different from Olango Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary that you’re referring to is located in San Vicente, Olango Island, while this eco-tourism park is in Sabang, Asinan, Olango Island.

      Thank you.

    2. Shiela says:

      Hello, can you also make a blog about the wildlife sanctuary? 🙂

    3. OneCarlos says:

      Hi Shiela,

      I’d love to. I’ll try my best if I’ll get the chance to hop onto the island again. ?

  2. naldine says:

    how many persons can the tent accomodate?

    1. OneCarlos says:

      Hi Naldine,

      Their tents are good for two or three. But I suggest contacting the person in-charge of the park to learn more about it, and if they can suggest anything about your planned camping.


  3. Cristy Casiban says:

    Can we bring our own tents?

    1. OneCarlos says:

      Hi Cristy,

      Yes, you can. However, you still need to pay Php100 for the stay (usually for the overnight stay). To learn more about it and its specific arrangement, I recommend contacting the person in-charge.


  4. Anong sasakyan namin patungo Jan kasi gusto namin talaga na maka punta Jan eh taga Mandaue lng kami pls help ano po ang sasakyan namin patungo Jan?

    1. OneCarlos says:

      Hi Romelyn,

      You have different options to consider (Mandaue to Lapu-Lapu):
      – PUJ going to Punta Engaño
      – Taxi
      – Ride sharing facility, like Uber or Grab

      I’ve included this in my guide. Please feel free to scroll up to see more details.


    2. Evan says:

      Hello po,
      Pwde po bang magluto Doon at magsugba?..

      Thanks po

  5. Hi Sir. Can we call the person in-charged there? So we can reserve tents to use?

    1. OneCarlos says:

      Hi Raven,

      Yes, you can. Actually, it’s recommended to call them first prior to going.


  6. joanne says:

    hi ! may i know there contact # please ?

    1. Jian of OneCarlos PH says:

      Hi Joanne — you can check the contact details of the person-in-charge at the bottom of this blog (right after my signature line).

  7. John Eman Ringzbe says:

    nice one bro…is there any security details for the safety of guest during overnight stay?

    1. Jian of OneCarlos PH says:

      Thanks John! This is something I can’t speak about.

      I recommend contacting the person-in-charge I’ve indicated above to get the details you need.

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