Best Travel Quotes to Spice up Your Wanderlust

Best travel quotes: Man on an edge of a boat facing the sea

Like any other quotes, travel quotes keep that fire inside you burning. And specific to travel quotes, they keep the explorer side of you alive and kicking. Disclaimer: Know that this blog post isn’t intended to encourage you to travel at the moment while the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak nor to downplay its urgency. But I wrote and published this to lighten the mood of those who are bored and/or sad of being quarantined, got travel disruptions due to the said crisis, and to remind everyone that we can get through this adversity and can explore the corners …

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Siargao Island: Why everyone loves the island and why you’ll surely love it, too! |

Why everyone loves Siargao Island?

SIARGAO ISLAND. Are you curious why people are raving to visit Siargao Island? Based on my interactions with everyone who’ve been there or know Siargao Island, I find it safe to say that almost everyone TRULY loves the island. I’ve been to Siargao twice already and I still wanted to go back there or even try living there for a few months. In fact, I recently booked another trip (again for this year) going to the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. To add, I met a friend who has been visiting the island for the seventh time and counting. So, …

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