Best Travel Quotes to Spice up Your Wanderlust

Best travel quotes: Man on an edge of a boat facing the sea

Like any other quotes, travel quotes keep that fire inside you burning. And specific to travel quotes, they keep the explorer side of you alive and kicking. Disclaimer: Know that this blog post isn’t intended to encourage you to travel at the moment while the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak nor to downplay its urgency. But I wrote and published this to lighten the mood of those who are bored and/or sad of being quarantined, got travel disruptions due to the said crisis, and to remind everyone that we can get through this adversity and can explore the corners …

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5 Best Hostels in Siquijor Island, Philippines: Based on your Travel Style

list of best hostels in Siquijor

Hostels, guesthouses and inns are rapidly sprouting in Siquijor as the island is gaining attention from both the local and international travel communities. Thus, it’s a bit challenging to decide where to stay on the island while not going beyond your budget (and of course, not compromising the great connections you can have with other travellers). To tear down that problem and ensure you’re booking your stay at one of the top picks on the mystic island, keep reading or bookmark this blog post if you don’t have time for reading yet. In case you’re looking for accommodation suggestions which …

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Where to Stay in Siquijor Island, Philippines: The Best Spots

list of best hotels and resorts in Siquijor

Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which will give no additional cost to you. They will help me make a little money when you click on the links and book your Siquijor stay from there within 24 hours. The amount I can get will help pay this travel blog website’s presence on the Internet. Are you planning to go to Siquijor Island and looking for the best place to stay at? You’re in good hands, man! As part of my Siquijor travel guide series, I’ve curated the perfect Siquijor accommodation list that you can run through depending …

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The Complete Siargao Travel Guide: From Stay to Party Deets

Siargao travel guide

If you’re currently reading this Siargao travel guide, there’s a good chance you want to tick off that little island from your bucket list, or curious why people love it so much. If you haven’t already, read my other blog post first and spice up that Siargao dreams: Why everyone loves Siargao Island and why you’ll SURELY love it, too! But if you’ve already read that prior blog post or very eager to hop onto planning that Siargao trip, read on, baby! Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which give no additional cost to you. Instead, I’m …

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Siargao Island: Why everyone loves the island and why you’ll surely love it, too! |

Why everyone loves Siargao Island?

SIARGAO ISLAND. Are you curious why people are raving to visit Siargao Island? Based on my interactions with everyone who’ve been there or know Siargao Island, I find it safe to say that almost everyone TRULY loves the island. I’ve been to Siargao twice already and I still wanted to go back there or even try living there for a few months. In fact, I recently booked another trip (again for this year) going to the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. To add, I met a friend who has been visiting the island for the seventh time and counting. So, …

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Moalboal, Cebu: To Go or Not to Go? + Travel Guide |

beach, beachfront, bar, boat, Moalboal, Cebu, diving, scuba diving

MOALBOAL, CEBU. What do you want to know about Moalboal? Do you want me to sugarcoat and invite you to go there? Or should I spill the tea and have you decide from there? But you know, wise travelers are honest people. So, here ya go! Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which give no additional cost to you. Instead, I’m sharing with you a few discounted rates to help you save and in return, to help me make a little money so I can continue blogging for you, awesome travelers. Moalboal has been a recommendation by …

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The Ultimate Guide to the Original and Traditional “Kawa Bath” (Cauldron Bath) in the Philippines |

The Ultimate Guide to the Original and Traditional “Kawa Bath” (Cauldron Bath) in Tibiao, Antique, Philippines|

“It’s like having a different level of a spa with the chirping of the birds and a nice view—by the river or in the middle of the jungle.” Different Types of Bathing Bathing has been part of our living throughout the ages. Like most other people, I don’t leave the house without getting a shower. And like other millennials, I sometimes skip the shower when I don’t have plans on weekends. I know it’s quite disgusting but it’s true with an emphasis to SOMETIMES only. Sounds defensive? IKR? LOL Childhood Bathing Dreams Like most kids, I love soaking and playing …

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LOW-COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park |

LOW-COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park | Go Travel Wisely

The relaxing sound of the chirping birds, the soothing sea breeze, the inviting smell of the sea, the Instagram-worthy and picturesque landscapes, and the clear and starry, starry night sky along the white-sand shoreline would surely make you plan for an overnight beach camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park. Camping would never be out of style at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park. Beach Camping in Olango, Lapu-Lapu City Little did we know that the humble Asinan Eco-Tourism Park was once a frequently visited tourist attraction a few years ago as Island Eco-Tourism Park. The beach park’s tourism got devastated after it experienced natural havoc. …

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TIEZA Botanical Garden: Cebu’s Flower Garden by the Lake |

TIEZA Botanical Garden: Cebu’s Flower Garden by the Lake | Go Travel Wisely

Like a flower, like a garden, everything takes time. Seize the moment. Enjoy as you grow and bloom. Flower Garden by the Lake CEBU CITY. Cebu is continuously catching the netizens’ attention as a lot of scenic gardens, points of interest, and other romantic destinations pop-up like wild mushrooms. Yes, that truly means that you’ll need to allocate some more hours in your Cebu itinerary. Among a number of them, TIEZA Botanical Garden tops my go-to list. While a lot of visitors (or travelers) get confused about the gardens due to their similar themes and flower colors, this one gets …

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