Best Travel Gift Ideas of 2020 (Beat-the-Pandemic Edition)

Images of best travel gifts

Hello, awesome traveller! Travelling is kinda limited this year but that shouldn’t restrain our wanderlust nor hold of the spirit of gifting. And I’m here to help spark some travel gift ideas amidst this challenging time.

Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which give no additional cost to you. Instead, I’m sharing with you a few discounted rates to help you save and in return, to help me make a little money (when you click on the links and shop from there) so I can continue blogging for you, awesome travelers.

With the disturbing hit of the pandemic (not only to the travel community but to everyone in general), I came into a realization that we need to act now and faster (as much as we can) in promoting mindful travels (and conscious day-to-day living, too).

Gifting while not hurting your bank

I tried my best to find and curate the best gift ideas I love (and some products I’ve tried myself) while there’s a lot of holiday sales going on. Oh, by the way, I’ve made it sure that all these gift ideas are below PHP2,500 ($50) so you won’t be hurting your bank while still being generous and thoughtful to our dear ones. This way, you’ll still have money left to spend on your own gift or other plans.

Let’s cut the talking, and here’s my list of travel gift ideas that will surely cheer up your family and friends while you’re also being conscious of your impact to planet Earth:

Collapsible Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw

Flyby Collapsible Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw

Save the turtles (and all animals affected by plastic straws), and get this reusable and collapsible straw! It comes with a brush and canister. No wonder why it easily became an Amazon’s Choice.

Luggage organizer boxes

best luggage or travel packing cubes gift idea

Space and organization are the keys when packing for a trip. Replace plastic bags with packing cubes (or travel organizer boxes), which are Amazon’s Choice, and are perfect if you travel in suitcases.

Travel laundry bags

travel laundry bags

Or you can order some reusable laundry bags for your next backpacking adventure.

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Hydro Flask travel bottle

best and smart travel tumbler Hydro flask gift idea

Save money from always buying plastic-bottled water, and it would be your way of helping your friend to be more eco-friendly, both in his/her travels and day-to-day life. Also, this travel bottle has state-of-the-art insulation which keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours. Isn’t it amazing? Shop it now before it lasts because it’s tagged Amazon’s Choice, too.

Foldable bento lunch box

best foldable bento lunch box gift idea

It’s life-changing, especially during camping, weekend trips or quick gatherings, where you need some smart traveller’s food containers while still saving space in your bag. Oh, by the way, it’s safe to use in your dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

gift idea waterproof bag or dry bag

Most of the time, not all our gadgets are waterproof when travelling. If you or your friend is like me who brings a DSLR or mirrorless camera during some of my boat or waterfalls trips, I recommend getting this MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag. Water-proof your gadgets without using single-use plastic bags. By the way, this one has an Amazon Best Seller tag.

And those are the inexpensive and eco-friendly travel items you can gift to your friends or even to yourself, my friend. Poke me in the Comments if there are any great gift ideas you want me to add on the list (I’ll keep on updating this list. So, better keep coming back here from time to time).

Happy giving and shop wisely, my travel friends!

– Jian