Best Beaches in Boracay Island: The less crowded spots

“No BS” Best 3 and FREE Beaches in Boracay Island | Go Travel Wisely

The search for the best beaches in Boracay Island — Almost everyone is so obsessed with going to Boracay Island. Some say they want to swim in its crystal clear blue water and walk along its long stretch shoreline with super fine powdery white sand. While others want to party and some wanted to go there just for the heck of it. Others, like me (aside from travel blogging purposes), want to go there and check all the buzz and see how truthful those propagandas are.

Disclaimer: Please note that this page contains affiliate links which give no additional cost to you. Instead, I’m sharing with you a few discounted rates to help you save and in return, to help me make a little money so I can continue blogging for you, awesome travelers.

A few months then, I was once so emotionally and mentally drained. To relieve the “stress self” during moments like that, I usually binge checking affordable flights across common domestic airlines here in the Philippines. Luckily, I’ve found a good deal—a round-trip fare—bound to Boracay Island. That made me say, “Gotcha! Let’s see how that Boracay renovation going on and why people are crazily in love with this island.”

To make the long story short, last mid-November, I went solo backpacking to Boracay Island. I stayed and roamed around there for 3 days.

While most of the good deals and awesome food shops are located near White Beach, you might won’t love it if you’re trying to relax and unwind at a less crowded paradise. So, I talked to our hostel staff and asked how I can travel the entire island and find the means.

Fast forward: I’ve arranged a day tour with a habal-habal (motorbike) driver and went to a few less-traveled spots of the island.

So, to stick with my blog post title and to address your primary reason of reading this post, here’s my top 3 LESS CROWDED and FREE Boracay beaches that you should consider visiting, too:

Best beaches in Boracay Island

3. Puka Beach

Puka Beach - “No BS” Best 3 and FREE Beaches in Boracay Island | Go Travel Wisely
Puka Beach |

Puka Beach is for the swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. But as far as I’ve observed and as of this writing, engine or machine-operated aqua sports aren’t allowed yet. Though, you can go kayaking and playing volleyball there. And again, the keyword here is “less crowded.”

To give you a heads up, it isn’t for the kids or the inexperienced. I find it dangerous for non-swimmers like me. It alarmingly drops in depth a few meters away from the shore. “Swim at your own risk” surely applies there then.

2. Angol Beach

Angol Beach - “No BS” Best 3 and FREE Beaches in Boracay Island | Go Travel Wisely
Angol Beach |

Angol Beach is technically the end section of White Beach. It’s the part nearest to Boracay Island’s Cagban port and mainland Caticlan.

White Beach as it is, there are still a few tourists who love strolling, playing and swimming there. But they aren’t as many as those people going and staying at “the main part” White Beach anyway. So, we can still tag it as a “less crowded” beach. Surely, it’s a little breather for us who aren’t a fan of seeing so much crowd while on a vacation.

You might be asking why it’s listed second on my best free beaches in Boracay Island. It’s because you’ll get the best accommodation deals there. And at the same time, you’ll be in a place surrounded by affordable and competitively known restos and shops.

But wait; there’s more! The fact that it’s technically of the same stretch as White Beach, the same soft, powdery sand will touch your feet and skin and it’s the same sight-satisfying aqua blue water you’ll be swimming into.

It’s like you’re in a less crowded tropical heaven with less expensive hotels and shops. Isn’t it amazing? Go Travel Wisely, right?

1. Ilig-Iligan Beach

Ilig-Iligan Beach - “No BS” Best 3 and FREE Beaches in Boracay Island | Go Travel Wisely
Ilig-Iligan Beach |

It’s undeniably my most favorite beach in Boracay Island. But in all fairness, you’ll surely agree with me once you experience it first hand.

I’m not sure if my description of Ilig-Iligan Beach would give justice to its truly jaw-dropping landscape and the amazing tropical feels it gives. But lemme try it anyway:

It gives me a surreal feeling the same way I’ve felt during those Nha Trang Beach days. Those moderately strong waves that splash the crystal clear water to the shore, the aqua blue water from edge to edge that your sight can reach would surely make you hastily run into and swim in it.

Ooops! By the way, just make sure you don’t have any electronic devices in your pockets if in any case. LOL

So, what I love most about Ilig-Iligan Beach? It isn’t less crowded; I tell you. Because you’ll most probably get the entire beach by yourself. But again, don’t forget it’s a free public beach and there’s no lifeguard on duty there. So, keep safe and swim at your own risk.

Thinking of a side trip?
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Roaming Around in Boracay Island

Renting a motorbike is the best way to go around in Boracay Island and visit those less crowded and free best beaches. However, motorbike rental fees are insanely costly on the island. In fact, the least that I was offered to was PHP500 for 3 hours, and that’s USD9.68 or EUR8.81 for 3 hours only.

A day of motorbike rental costs PHP2,500 (USD48.38 or EUR44.06) in Boracay Island. Then, you can do some Maths from there. Isn’t it too costly? I know it, right? For the record, our 24-hour motorbike rental in Siargao only costs PHP400 (USD7.74 or EUR7.05). Maybe this is something that our authorities should look into, or maybe this is also their way of discouraging the use of fuel-powered vehicles. I’ll try to scout more information about this though, and I’ll get back to you, guys.

Also, be extra careful not to deal with scammers or advantageous people. They usually charge higher than those crazily expensive fees. The best way to refrain this is to get recommendations from your hotel or hostel staff. Yet, your safety instinct is still the best source of judgment.

What to do in Boracay Island?

Boracay Island is known and home of fun, adventures, parties, and everything in between. So dig in the list below and book your fave activities online in advance before they sell out!

To find more tours and experience packages, type “Boracay” in the search field below and book activities to fully experience and enjoy Boracay.

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How to Go to Boracay Island?

  1. Book a flight to Caticlan or Kalibo
  2. Airport to Catigban Port
    1. Caticlan Airport to port
      • Ride a tricycle from the airport to Catigban port.
    2. Kalibo Airport to port
      • Ride a van to Catigban port.
  3. Port to Cagban
    • Go to the port cashier and pay for the following:
      • Pumpboat fare – PHP25 (USD0.50)
      • Environmental fee – PHP75 (USD1.50)
      • Terminal fee – PHP100 (USD2)
  4. Cagban port to your hotel
    • Via an e-tricycle (yeah, an electricity-powered tricycle). Habal-habal or motorbike rides are pricey. Keep off from them if you’re on a budget trip.

*No online booking available.

Where to Stay in Boracay Island?

Insider tip: If you’ve got some extra bucks, going quite luxurious is worth it at Fairways and Bluewater (not an ad though).

More accommodation options HERE>>

BONUS: Check my Instagram “Boracay” Highlight Stories (@GoTravelWisely) for some videos of my recommended beaches.

These thoughts and opinions are all my own. And if you’ve been to those beaches already or have any other Boracay Island beach recommendations, let me know your thoughts in the Comment section. I’d love to visit them, too, and “healthy discussions,” ya’know!

But if you haven’t there yet, I suggest: book your trip to Boracay now, go to those less crowded and almost-paradise beaches, and thank me later. *wink*

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Happy travels and always #GoTravelWisely,


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