Aysken d’Han: Who Says Ice Cream Isn’t Healthy? | GoTravelWisely.com

Aysken d’Han: Who Says Ice Cream Isn’t Healthy? | Go Travel Wisely

 “Bye-bye calorie and fat anxiety!”

LAPU-LAPU CITY, CEBU. To most of the health conscious people and to those who are on a strict diet, ice cream is one of the irresistible sweet tooth temptations. Do we feel the same guilt on this? Well, you aren’t alone, man!

Commonly, ice cream is manufactured out of dairy products, sugar and some colors and flavors, which are usually artificial and laboratory-made. These ingredients are the reasons why our dietitians and doctors advise us not to consume a cup or two of ice cream on a regular basis. I feel you. I’m an ice cream monster; I sometimes eat a pint, or even a half gallon of it, and my friends can attest to that. LOL. But say no more to our sweet tooth guilty pleasures.

Aysken d’Han, ice cream shop, ice cream, healthy food, healthy dessert, lapu-lapu city, mactan, cebu | Go Travel Wisely
Aysken d’Han ice cream shop serves healthy frozen desserts in Lapu-Lapu City

While a lot of food stores are mixing up and getting out of hand, Aysken d’Han in Lapu-Lapu City might be what we’re waiting for! It’s the newest, elegant and well-designed dessert and snack shop in town, yet operates with humility and pleasing customer service. It’s inspired from a local frozen flavored snack “ays kendi” (ice candy), where they got its name Aysken d’Han which means an “ice candy store” in Cebuano.

I thought we’re talking about their ice cream? Yes, we are. However, their flagship snack is their all-natural,  organic, zero water and full-of-natural-milk-and-cream ice candy at Php15.

Now, jumping into their number of choices of homemade ice cream, Aysken d’Han gives you a feeling of zero unrest. Your all-time favorite frozen dessert, or even snack, is now passionately served out from a mixture of all-natural flavors, sweeteners, and their toppings, too! Now, say, “Bye-bye calorie and fat anxiety!”

When I say “passionately served,” I truly mean it. The owner herself, who also designed their shop’s artsy and cool interior, personally conceptualizes, mixes and prepares your Designer’s Ice Cream at home. She even assists her friendly and accommodating staff, when the time allows, in their food store.

To get you feel more enticed to try all of these heavenly tastes with all-natural crafted flavors, feel free to check out some of my captures below. I’m hoping that they would help, and would free the fat kid inside you.

Aysken d'han wooden logo | ice cream shop, mactan island, lapu-lapu city, healthy ice cream, dessert | Go Travel Wisely
The wooden logo of Aysken d’han, home of your designer’s ice cream.

Are you now eager to drive over to Aysken d’Han? Or aren’t you from Lapu-Lapu City? No worries. I’ll surely guide you locate the said snack shop for all natural food lovers and shifters. Aysken d’Han is situated just along M.L. Quezon National Highway in Sitio Panas, Barangay Subabasbas, Lapu-Lapu City. It’s only a few meters away from Pacific Grand Villa and Nissi Academy.

Good thing that they’re now pinned in Google Maps, and you can search them in your location tracking or mapping apps. Yes, the same thing should apply if you’re planning to visit the shop via a transport service like Uber and Grab. Not sure where to go? That’s fine. I’ve embedded a map below just for you. Thank you, Google!

…the tasty and health-enriched organic ingredients which are imported from the different regions, around the globe, that cultivate and offer the best from their places.

Like what we usually check on, their cup of all-natural ice cream costs PHP140 per scoop. The price is all worth it considering the tasty and health-enriched organic ingredients which are imported from the different regions, around the globe, that cultivate and offer the best from their places. Most of Aysken d’Han’s sweeteners like honey are supplied from our very own Mindanao.

Aysken d'han ice cream shop, dessert shop, mactan, cebu, lapu-lapu-city, Spicy chocolate ice cream | Go Travel Wisely
My favorite spicy chocolate ice cream at Aysken d’han | Go Travel Wisely
Aysken d'han ice cream shop, dessert shop, ice cream, healthy food, grilled sandwich | Go Travel Wisely
Aysken d’han grilled sandwich | Go Travel Wisely
Aysken d'han pantry and toppings | ice cream shop, mactan island, lapu-lapu city, healthy ice cream, dessert
Aysken d’han pantry and toppings | GoTravelWisely.com

Aysken d’Han also serves mouth-watering mug cakes, tasty grilled sandwiches and cups of flavorful imported brewed coffee. Yes, all of them are all natural, too.

Oops! I almost forgot. Their grand opening would be sometime in August, but they’re already operating so you can taste their high quality, all-natural and organic ice cream. Feel free to check them out on Facebook for more details.

PS: I’m loving their version of organic Chunky Monkey ice cream. Truly, I got some tasteful chunks from heaven.

Ali! mangaon ta ug ays krem. [Come! Let’s eat some ice cream.]
Go Travel Wisely

All natural and organic ice cream at Ays Ken d'Han | Lapu-Lapu City | OneCarlos PH

Aysken d’Han
M.L. Quezon National Highway, Subabasbas, Lapu-Lapu City
(near Pacific Grand Villa and Nissi Academy)
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm| Everyday

Feel free to tag along your friends and family members; invite them to try these all-natural and organic ice cream.


  1. Jhean says:

    Love this article and all your other blogs, OneCarlos ? very informative and detailed.

    1. OneCarlos PH says:

      Thanks a lot, Jhean!
      You just made me more energized to write some more contents.
      Please keep tuning in! ?

  2. Moriah says:

    Hey dear OneCarlos…where is the location?

    1. OneCarlos PH says:

      Heya Moriah!

      The ice cream shop Ays Ken d’Han is located in Brgy. Subabasbas, Lapu-Lapu City. It’s near Pacific Grand Villa and Nissi Academy. For the exact location and more details, feel free to scroll up. I’ve embedded a map up there. ?

      Thank you.

  3. Erma Santo says:

    Great blog! I wish I lived near there. -_-

    1. OneCarlos PH says:

      Thanks, Erma!

      Yeah, you must drop by there, and have some cups of ice cream if you’ll get the chance to roam around here in Cebu. ?

    2. Erma Santo says:

      I surely will the nest time I go there in Lapu-lapu.

    3. OneCarlos PH says:

      Hope to see you some time at any food shops that we love. LOL ?

    4. Erma Santo says:

      I hope so, too. 😀

  4. alexthegreat says:

    I’ll try to drop by and try their ice cream tomorrow.

    1. OneCarlos PH says:

      Yeah, you should!
      I think I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon, too. ?

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