About Me

Jian Carlo Suliano (wedding attire) of Go Travel Wisely

Hi—I’m Jian Carlo Suliano but better call me Jian. I’m on my 20’s, a 9-5 corporate slave, and encouraging you to Go Travel Wisely.

In nearly 2 years of juggling office work, side gigs, travels, and blogging—I’ve realized that I should keep my goals aligned to what I truly want to share and what my readers and followers need.

On this very first day of 2019 or on the day you’re reading this, I’d like you to know that you’re one of my driving forces and inspirations and I’d like to give back by ensuring I’m always grounded by my objectives:

  • Inspire you in the most realistic way possible. No sugar-coating, no BS.
  • Give you loads of authenticity. Perfection isn’t my game.
  • Share firsthand best travel suggestions from planning to accommodation may it on a budget or in a baller way, including lessons learned from my travel mishaps and mistakes.
  • Of course, provide detailed travel guides.
  • Share decent photo inspirations.
  • Spread awareness of sustainable tourism and how to live in it.
  • Most importantly, prepare or push you more on how to Go Travel Wisely.

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With these objectives, rest assured that my opinions and thoughts here on my travel blog website, Go Travel Wisely, are all my own, unbiased (for partnership posts), and I shall observe and commit to my readers through those objectives I’ve mentioned above.

So, feel free to start checking my blogs under Travels+.

Also, let’s stay connected online! 🙂

Hope you’ll stick with me and to my journey—both in my travels and my blogging life.


PS: For partnerships, collaborations, or gifting inquiries, please refer to my Contact page.